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Full Day Balinese Cultural Experience

Denpasar, Indonesia · Private Trip
1 Day
Minimum 6 person
No Cancellation/Refund

In this extraordinary full day experience you will plunge into the magnificent culture of the Balinese people, accompanied each step of the way by our own Cultural Liaison, Putu Mahagiri. Your day will begin with a one-hour session on “Cultural Etiquette”, learning about the ancient ritualistic customs of Bali, and how to respectfully observe their code of conduct. In this session we will discuss proper attire, manners, traditional offerings, and prayers and their deeper meanings. Once you are briefed on the local conventions, you will sit for a delicious vegan lunch in our Indo-Vedic restaurant, Dapur Usada. Our head chef Ngurah has created his own spin on the traditional beloved “Nasi Campur” dish of Bali, and you will delight in the amazing flavours and tastes of “sate”, indigenous vegetables and Indonesia’s famous “yellow rice.” After lunch you will depart for a truly remarkable experience named “Melukat” by the Balinese, a sacred water purification ceremony. Held in a spectacular holy water temple located on a river, you will be accompanied through the ritual by village guides. Stopping at each of a series of purification points and waterfalls, you will be blessed with the holy water, which locals believe provides therapeutic benefits on a holistic level. When the water purification ceremony is finished, you will sit in meditation with the temple’s priest and contemplate as he provides further fascinating insights into the traditional ways of the Balinese, an extraordinary roundup to a deeply touching day.

Your Travel Schedule

Titik Pertemuan

Usada Bali

Day 1

10.45 - 11.45

Balinese Temple Etiquette Class

11.45 - 12.25

Vegetarian Lunch at Dapur Usada

12.25 - 13.25

Travel to Sala

13.25 – 15.00

Pilgrimage through the waterfalls. Praying and Melukat

15.00 – 15.30

Snack and Coffea/Tea Time

15.30 – 16.30

Meditation and discussion

Where is the meeting point?

Usada Bali

What's included?

Balinese cultural etiquette materials and tools

Preparation and offerings

Sarong provided for the water immersions

Guide to bring us to the waterfalls

Lunch by DAPUR Usada

Tea and coffee


What's not included?


Rp700.000 / orang

No. of Guests