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Full Moon Meditation

Denpasar, Indonesia · Private Trip
1 Day
Minimum 4 person
No Cancellation/Refund

Join this special Full Moon/New Moon meditation with Jero Istri Tya. She will chant Balinese mantra accompanied by prayer bell and Tibetan bowl while we participate with our virtual presence. Purnama means full moon. It also means complete, infinite and perfect. It is believed that on this day the Moon God, Chandra is showering his blessings and magic on the people by offering his light, reminding them of their own light inside. The universal peace mantra 'Om Purnamada Purnamidam' suggests ‘from the completeness comes the completeness' as a universal principle. By making offerings honoring the completeness of the full moon, more of this completeness is invoked in everyone's life. Jero Tya will chant Balinese mantra accompanied by prayer bell and Tibetan bowl. Jero Mangku Istri Tya is a female Pemangku (Balinese priest). She is a rare example of a woman becoming a priest in Bali. She comes from a long lineage of priests and healers and has a deep connection to the Balinese wisdom tradition.

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Titik Pertemuan

Usada Bali

Day 1

09.00 - 11.00

Full Moon Meditation Sessions

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Usada Bali

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Full Moon Meditation Sessions

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Rp400.000 / orang

No. of Guests