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Yin Yoga

Denpasar, Indonesia · Private Trip
1 Day
Minimum 4 person
No Cancellation/Refund

In Chinese philosophy, the yin / yang symbolizes the duality and interdependency of the natural world. Things that are yang are moving, changing, and vigorous. In contrast, things that are yin are still, static, and calm. The majority of western yoga practices have evolved into being very yang: lots of movement, with an emphasis on strengthening and stretching the muscles. Muscles are yang, while connective tissues like tendons and ligaments are yin. Yin Yoga classes mainly consist of a series of long-held, passive postures, mostly supported with props that will leave you feeling deeply rested and balanced.

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Titik Pertemuan

Usada Bali

Day 1

09.00 - 11.00

Yin Yoga Class

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Usada Bali

What's included?

Yin Yoga Sessions

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Rp400.000 / orang

No. of Guests