Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 2021

About Pigijo

Welcome to the website This website is owned, operated, and operated by PT Tourindo Guide Indonesia, Tbk. a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. We provide the Website and services available online through the Website. :, mobile website: or mobile application: pigijo for iOS and Android users, and various accesses, media, devices and other platforms (“Online Services”), either already available or will be available at a later time.

What are the Privacy Rules?

This Privacy Policy helps and explains all the services we provide for you ("User") to use, both services that we operate alone and those that are operated through our services and / or partners. To maintain User trust in us, We will always maintain all the confidentiality contained in User's personal data, because we consider User privacy to be very important to us.In this privacy, we include an explanation of how we collect, use, disclose, process and protect User personal information and data that are our rules. rules ("Personal Data").

When the User makes an order and / or a personal account on the website, we will record and store the user's personal information and data. Where in principle, any data you provide from time to time will be stored by us and us. use for the purposes of providing our products and services to users, namely for the purposes of tokenization, accounting, billing, auditing, credit or payment verification, newsletters, as well as security, administration and legal purposes, bonus points or similar forms, testing, maintenance and development systems, customer relations, promotions and assisting us in the future in providing services to users. In connection with that, we may disclose the user's personal data to the group of companies in which joins, product provider partners, other companies listed as partners of pigijo .com, the company appointed to process contract-bound data with Us, travel agencies, government agencies and competent judiciary bodies in any jurisdiction. Because of the importance of these privacy rules and other provisions in the use of our website, to maintain the security of User's personal data, please read carefully all the provisions in this privacy rule and other provisions on our website.

What Information Do We Collect and Use?

When a User accesses the Website and / or online services that we provide, we will collect all of the user's personal information and data with the following conditions:

  1. We will collect information about the computer or any media that the User uses, including the IP address, operating system, browser used, URL, page, geographic location and access time as well as other data related to the use of the User's computer ("IP Details").
  2. We will ask Users to fill in User personal data correctly, clearly, completely, accurately and not misleadingly, such as name, email address, telephone number, full address, information used for payment, credit card information ( credit card number and credit card validity period) and other data we need to make transactions through the Website and other online services that we provide so that users can take advantage of the services that users need. We are not responsible for any losses that may occur due to information and / or false, clear, complete, accurate and misleading data that the User provides;
  3. We may use User personal data and other information collected for the purpose of Social Media marketing using direct and open graphic techniques and for conventional digital marketing purposes, such as sending Users automatic newsletters by electronic mail to notify new product information, offers. special or other information that we think will be of interest to users.
  4. In using our services, the information that users provide us can use and provide to third parties who cooperate with us, as far as for the benefit of transactions and use of our services.
  5. We can use all the information we receive to protect ourselves against all claims and applicable laws related to the use of services and violations that users commit to our website on all the provisions as set out in the terms of service and usage guidelines Our products and services, including without limitation if needed by order of the Court in the legal process;
  6. Users are responsible for the confidentiality of User personal information and data, including being responsible for all access and use of the Website using passwords and accounts and tokens that Users have that are used by anyone, either with the user's permission or not with the user's permission. For the security of User's confidential data, we strongly recommend that users keep accounts and passwords that users have as good as possible and / or make periodic changes to passwords. Any unauthorized use and without the knowledge and permission of the User is the responsibility of the User himself and us. is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of the user's negligence.
  7. The user must immediately notify us of the use of a password or account without the user's permission or all forms of breaches or threats of security breaches on this website.
  8. The user has the right to change and or delete the address data that the User has provided and has stored in our system by contacting our Customer Service.


Newsletter is a means that we provide to facilitate the process of communicating and providing information on the provision of our products and services as well as other information that we think will be of interest to users. Newsletters that we send will be received automatically and periodically by Users via email. has been registered, after the User has finished making orders and / or a personal account on the website

Users can opt-out of this feature in an easy and free way, via manage subscriptions in the profile menu or by using the "Unsubcribe" link in the email you receive.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to make changes, additions and or subtractions of all or part of the provisions of this privacy rule from time to time without prior notice and we will notify all changes that we make through the Website. We hope that Users can periodically check about this policy. By accessing and using our services, we immediately assume that the user understands and agrees to all the privacy policies listed on our website at that time.


If the User has questions or requires further information regarding the User's order, the User can contact our Customer Service or can send an email to the number and address as listed on the Website.